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"I considered myself reasonably fit until I started PT with Dan! I am only a few weeks in and already I am seeing big improvements in my aerobic fitness and core strength. I would recommend even seasoned gym goers to have sessions with Dan as a way to achieve further gains and to target new goals (that you possibly didn’t realise existed)."

Shane Wills • 50 • Director

"My fitness has improved so much since having my pt sessions at The Cave,  they have really motivated me and got me working at my best- I feel and look amazing. His sessions are different every time and are never boring . I would highly recommend him to anybody!"

Emma Gregory • 43 • Managing Director

"Working with Dan has helped me to make what I feel is a sustainable lifestyle change.  His holistic approach to training and diet/nutrition has resulted in achieving a greater level of fitness in 6 months than I managed in ten years of gym membership.  Losing a stone in weight has been a welcome added bonus.  It's not possible without putting in the work, but Dan's motivational skills ensure that you never feel that you can't succeed."

Peter Dale • 68 • Retired Social Worker

"I'll be honest, training at The Cave can hurt - but I have also never experienced results like it, not in the 20 years I've experimented with Personal Trainers and the fitness world!"

Phoebe Oliver • 39 • PR Agency Director

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